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West Morris Central Ice Hockey Booster Club By-Laws


Article 1 - Name

The name of this charitable, non-profit organization shall be West Morris Central Ice Hockey

Booster Club, herein after referred to as “the Club”.

Article 2 - Objective and Purpose

A.  The objective of the Club shall be to provide funding to the West Morris Central

      High School in support of its Varsity and Junior Varsity ice hockey program.

B.  The purpose of the Club shall be to:

  • operate, manage, and maintain itself in such a way as to provide for the

objective stated above.

  • solicit contributions and raise the funds necessary to run the ice hockey program.
  • organize activities such as the Face Off dinner, pasta dinners, Senior Night, and

end of season banquet.

  • act as a liaison and facilitate communication between the club membership and

the Athletic Director and coaches.

C. The Club shall not be used by the membership as a forum for addressing coaching

      problems or policies. Parents should   address their concerns with the coach

      privately, and if necessary, the Athletic Director.

Article 3 - Membership

A. Membership shall be open to the parents of West Morris Central High School Ice

     Hockey players.

B. A member shall be considered to be in “good standing" provided that the member:

  • is the parent or legal guardian of a student who is on the school roster, and
  • has paid the participation fees required by the Club before December 1st
  •           (or otherwise as the Board shall allow), and
  • does not have any outstanding debt to the Club.

C. Members in good standing are encouraged to attend meetings of the Club.

Article 4 - Officers

A. The officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer,

     and Recording/Corresponding Secretary.  

B. All officers, by virtue of their office, shall be members of the Executive Board.

C. The term of office shall be two years. 

D. Officers may not hold the same position more than two consecutive terms. 

E. Officers shall not receive any compensation for their services.

F. Only one member from a family may serve as an officer at the same time.

G. If deemed necessary, the Board may decide to have two members elected to a

     given office.

H. An officer shall not take any action, nor attempt to influence or vote upon any

     decision, regarding any subject in which he/she is deemed by the remainder

     of the Board, and/or the club membership, to have a conflict of interest.

4.1 Duties of the Officers

A. The President shall:

  • attend and preside at all meetings of the Club and Board.
  • be Chairman of the Board by virtue of his/her office as president.
  • appoint all chairpersons of standing or special committees.
  • be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • see that all books, records, and certificates required by law are properly kept and


  • be one of two officers authorized to sign all checks or drafts of the Club.
  • annually present a report of the accomplishments of the Club to the club membership.
  • be responsible for keeping club members informed, either directly or via delegation,

of schedule changes from the coach as needed.

  • act as a liaison to the Athletic Director and coaches, either directly or via delegation.
  • preside over the Membership Drive (incoming Freshman), either directly or via


  • see to the needs of all new members, either directly or via delegation.
  • serve the year following retirement from office as an advisor to the Board.

B. The Vice President shall:

  • assume all duties the President gives her/him.
  • preside at General meetings and assume the President’s responsibilities in the

absence of the President.

  • attend all Board meetings.
  • appoint or preside as a Fundraiser Chairperson.
  • be the coordinator of all committees, collect monthly committee reports for the

President, and report on committee activities when the committee chairmen are

unable to attend meetings.

  • coordinate end-of-year reports with the President and committee chairs.

C. The Treasurer shall:

  • have care and custody of all monies or securities belonging to the Club and shall be

responsible for such monies or securities.

  • be one of two officers authorized to sign all checks or drafts of the Club.
  • render a written account of the financial status of the Club for each general

meeting or when directed by the Board. Such reports shall be affixed to the

permanent minutes of each meeting.

  • exercise all other duties incident to the office of Treasurer.
  • arrange for an independent audit of Club books annually, or more often as

deemed necessary by the Board, as per Article 7.

  • file all necessary tax reports.
  • attend all Board meetings.

D.The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall:

  • keep minutes and records of each official meeting of the Club.
  • keep a record of meeting attendance.
  • keep and file any certificates required by any federal or state statute.
  • be responsible for all correspondence and communications addressed to

the Club.

  • be responsible for distribution of any written communications to the Club

membership, such as meeting notices, and notices of elections.

  • be responsible for scheduling a facility at which the meetings of the Club will

be held.

  • present a draft of the minutes of each General meeting to the Board for its review

at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled General meeting.

  • make meeting agendas and minutes available to the club membership via the club

website, and/or otherwise.

  • inform club members and the Board of all club-related correspondence at meetings.
  • attend all Board meetings.

Article 4.2 – Officer Vacancies

A. In the event of the President's absence or failure to exercise his/her office, the Vice

     President shall become acting president of the Club with all the rights, privileges, and

     powers of the President for the remainder of his/her existing term.  If the Vice

     President declines the office, the Board shall fill the position of the President for

     remainder of his/her existing term by a vote of approval of a majority of the Board


B. If, in the estimation of the Board, an officer has not performed the duties required as

     per these by-laws, or exhibits conduct unbecoming of an officer, he/she shall,

     after being notified at least two weeks in advance by the Board, be removed.

     The Board shall appoint a replacement.  

C. If any office becomes vacant before the end of its term, the remaining officers shall

     fill that position for the remainder of the term by a vote of approval of a majority of the

     remaining officers.

D. Upon any change in the office of the Treasurer, there shall be an audit of the records

     by the incoming Treasurer.

Article 5 – Executive Board

A. The business of the Club shall be managed by an Executive Board (herein referred to

     as “the Board”) consisting of its officers.  These officers are elected by the Club


B. The Board shall guide and manage the business and control the assets of this club,

     and has the responsibility and authority to oversee all matters pertaining to the best

     interests of the Club.

C. The term of office of all Board members shall be two years from the date of election

     or appointment.

D. Board members shall not receive any compensation for their services.

E. Only one member from a family may serve as a Board member at the same time.

F. The President of the Club, by virtue of his/her office, shall preside as Chairman of

     the Board and the Vice President shall perform this duty if the President is

     absent during a meeting.

G. The Recording/Corresponding Secretary shall function as Secretary of the Board.

H. Meetings of the Board shall be held as required. (See Article 6)

I.  The Board shall report to the club membership at all general meetings.

J.  The Board is subject to the decisions of the club membership and none of the Board’s

     acts shall conflict with decisions made by the club membership.

Article 6 - Meetings

A. Meetings of the Board shall be held once a month (excluding July) on a date agreed

     upon by the Board, unless otherwise decided by the Board. Additional Board

     meetings may be called by the President should the occasion arise, and provided

     the Board is so notified.

B. General meetings of the Club membership shall be held typically once a month on a

     date agreed upon by the Board.

C. Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President, or by a majority vote

     of the officers of the Board. Notices of special meetings shall be delivered by the

     Recording/Corresponding Secretary, indicating the time and place, the purpose of the

     special meeting, and by whom it is being called.

D. A quorum, consisting of at least three Board members and 20% of club members

     in good standing,must be present at a meeting to conduct any official business of

     the Club.

E. The order of business at any regular scheduled meeting shall be:

Call to Order

Taking of attendance

Reading or voting to accept the minutes of the last meeting

Reports of officers

Reports of committees

Old business

New Business


F. The order at meetings of the Club shall maintain parliamentary procedures rules

     (motions, seconding, voting). The rules contained in the current edition of Robert

     Rules of Order shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable

     and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws

G. Meeting agendas and minutes shall be made available to membership

     via the club website.

Article 7 – Finance

7.1 Fiscal Year

A. The Club’s fiscal year shall run from April 1st to March 31st.

B. At the end of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall present the club membership

     with a summary of the financial standing of the Club.  The presentation shall be

     made at the season-ending meeting of the Club.

C. The Board shall seek an independent audit of the financial records at the end

     of each fiscal year. Additional audits may be conducted as often as deemed

     necessary by the Board.

D. The Board shall ensure that all necessary taxes are filed as required.

7.2 Capital Fund

A. The Club shall create and maintain a “capital fund” for the purposes of providing

     sufficient cash flow to over the costs required to run the Club and support the

     hockey program.

B. At the end of each fiscal year, the Board shall endeavor to maintain the capital fund

     at a level that is no less than fifty percent of the anticipated budget required to run

     the hockey program for the following fiscal year.

C. If the Club has a net profit at the end of its fiscal year, and the surplus is in excess

     of five percent of the player contributions collected, the Board shall present the

     general membership with a recommendation as to how the excess funds should

     be handled.  Options may include increasing the capital fund, refunding money

     back to the general membership, or using the funds for special expenditures.

     The Board shall present its recommendations to the club membership for their

     approval at the season-ending meeting.

D. If the Club has a net loss at the end of its fiscal year, the money required to cover

     the loss shall be taken f rom the capital fund.

7.3 Budget

A. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Board shall work with the Athletic Director

     to develop a budget for the following hockey season.  The budget shall, at a

     minimum, include all anticipated major expenditures required to run the team

     for the current fiscal year; for example, ice time, league fees, coaching fees/salaries,

     and club-sponsored events.

B. The Board shall finalize the budget no later than August, and shall present the

     budget to the club membership at the September general meeting.

     The budget must be approved by a majority of the members in attendance at

     the meeting.  If the budget is rejected by the general membership, the Board

     shall reconvene to amend the budget and shall present a revised budget to the

     general membership for its approval at the October general meeting.

     The general membership must reach budget consensus with the Board by the

     end of the October meeting.

7.4 Player Payments

A. Upon approval of the budget, the Board shall, at its sole discretion,

     determine the “player contribution” amount to be paid by each team member.

     The Board shall notify the general membership as to the player contribution

     amount no later than October 1.

B. Should the cost required to run the Varsity program be substantially

     different than those required to run the Junior Varsity program, the

     Board may, at its sole discretion, determine that player contributions

     for Varsity participation may be different than those for Junior Varsity


C. Each member shall provide the Treasurer with an initial deposit in the amount

     of $250.00 per player. The initial deposit must be received by the Treasurer no

     later than September 15. The initial deposit shall be non-refundable unless a

     player fails to make the team or quits prior to the November 15 start date.

D. Members shall be responsible for paying the first half of their player contributions,

     less their initial deposit, by November 1st, and the second half by December 1st.

E. If a player moves from the Junior Varsity to the Varsity squad prior to the halfway

     point of the season, and the player participation cost for Varsity is higher, the

     Board may require the player to pay an additional participation cost as determined

     solely by the Board.

F. The Club shall not be obligated to refund any players contributions. This includes,

     but is not limited to, a player getting injured, quitting the team, and/or moving out

     of the area.

G. Extenuating circumstances regarding payment shall be addressed by the

     Board on an individual basis.

Article 7.5 – Expenditures

A. All non-budgeted expenditures up to $250.00 must be approved by a

     quorum (3 or more members) of the Board, and do not require approval of

     the club membership.

B. All non-budgeted expenditures in excess of $250.00 must be approved at

     a general meeting by a majority vote (by written ballot) of the club membership

     in attendance.

C. All expenditures must be authorized via a Purchase Order issued by the Treasurer.

     The Treasurer shall not issue a Purchase Order for any expenditure that has not

     been approved by the Board or Club membership as stipulated herein.

D. The Treasurer shall not be obligated to reimburse any member for any non-approved

     expense or any expense for which no invoice or receipt is provided.  

E. All bills of the Club shall be mailed to or received by the Treasurer, so he/she can

     keep proper records.

Article 7.6 – Contracts, Checks/Drafts, Deposits, Gifts, Scholarships

A. The Board has the sole authority to enter into any contract or execute and deliver

     any instrument in the name of, and on behalf of, the Club, subject to the provisions

     of Article 7.5.

B. All funds of the Club shall be deposited to the credit of the Club in such banks,

     trust companies, or other depositaries as the Board shall authorize.

C. The Board may accept, on behalf of the Club, any contribution, gift, bequest,

     or devise for the general, or any special, purposes of the Club.

D. The Club may award one or more graduating player(s) a scholarship at the end of the

     season.  The Board shall determine scholarship eligibility criteria and award amounts,

     and shall present same to the club membership for approval.  The Club shall not be

     obligated to award scholarships on the basis of past practice or precedent.


Article 8 - Nomination and Election of Officers

A. Nominations of club officers shall be made at the February general meeting.

     The Secretary shall open the floor for nominations of officers. Officer nominees

     must be members in good standing, and shall be given the opportunity to

     decline nomination. 

B. Elections of club officers shall be held at the March general meeting by written

     ballot.  The Secretary shall make up a ballot of the nominees that accepted their

     nominations.  In order to vote, a member must be in good standing and must be

     in attendance at the meeting.  Each such member may complete a single ballot.

     Results from all voting will be determined by the majority of the votes cast. In the

     case of a tie, there will be one re-vote of the candidates followed by a coin toss.

D. The newly elected officers shall assume their offices immediately following

     the election.

Article 9 - Committees

A. The Board may establish ad hoc committees under the supervision and control

     of the Board, as may assist the Board in its performance of its duties.  Such

     ad hoc committees shall be comprised of one or more Officers, and shall report

     to the Board as appropriate, or as requested by the Board.

B. The Board shall appoint committees to manage any non-budgeted event.  The

     committee must obtain Board approval for the budget required to sponsor the

     event. If the estimated budget for the event is in excess of $250, the event must

     be approved by a quorum of the club membership in good standing.  The

     committee chair shall be responsible for keeping event expenses within the

     budgeted amount.

Article 10 - Amendments

A. The Board shall determine whether any by-law amendments are needed,

     and may appoint a committee to discuss proposed amendments.

B. Existing by-laws may be amended or repealed only by the affirmative

     vote of at least 40% of the club membership in good standing.

C. All proposed changes to existing by-laws must be presented to the membership

    at the general meeting prior to the voting meeting, and must be made available

    in writing to the membership on the club website or as otherwise determined by

    the Board at least five days before the expected voting date.

Article 11 - Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of the Club, the Treasurer shall, after paying or making provision for the

payment of all the liabilities of the Club, dispose of all the assets of the Club exclusively for the

purposes of the Club in such manner, or to such organization or organizations organized and

operated exclusively for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes shall at the time qualify

as an exempt organization or organizations under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future United State Internal Revenue Law), as the

members shall determine.  Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court

of Common Pleas of Morris County, exclusively for such purposes or to such organizations, as

said Court shall determine.  In the state of New Jersey, the Court of Common Pleas has been

assumed by the Chancery Division – Superior Court of New Jersey.


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